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Direct Telecom

Our company provides lower cost telecommunications solutions to businesses of any size and location.  Our aim is to provide you with cost savings without disruption and with the highest level of call quality as well as Customer Service.

Focusing on the business market allows Direct Telecom to better understand its customer’s needs.  Communication is fundamental to successful business – so services need to be reliable, they must be of good quality, and be competitively priced.  Bringing provider services together as one solution, charged on one bill, with one customer care point of contact gives Direct Telecom customers more time to concentrate on what they do best – business.  Minimum hassle, maximum profit to you.
Direct Telecom enables you to save up to 75% on your call charges, providing you are happy to stay on the same BT lines. (NOT a separate secondary system)

The net effect will be to reduce your call spend without reducing the quality of service you currently enjoy.


If you cannot find the rates you are looking for, don’t forget you can request a “Tailor Made” package by clicking on “MY PLAN” where you will be able to highlight what is most important for your business communications.  Once we have received your request, we will be in touch within 24hours (excluding weekends) with an offer totally taylor made for you.


Direct Telecom Network Ltd.

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Direct Telecom Network Ltd.
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